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Mike McWilliams
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ID32b: an innovative identity system

ID32b is an innovative identity system conceived by Mike McWilliams.

The concept is to separate identity from personal information and security data, so that the identity may be freely divulged, but security data, including biometric data, is used to determine what information may be accessed.

A 9-character base-32 ID is used to provide an easily memorable code. With 1 trillion permutations, there are enough unique IDs for the whole of the world’s population for the foreseeable future.

The 9th character is a check character that makes the code divisible by 32, reducing the chance of transcription errors. The ID32b character set does not use 1, I, 0 and O, which are easily confused in cursive script and many fonts.

ID32b for people is part of a suite, with 10 character codes for places and 11 character codes for objects, providing 35 trillion and 1000 trillion permutations respectively.

The following documents relating to ID32b can be downloaded:

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